Industrial & Medical Gas Systems


Gerhart has a substantial product line of Cryogenic Liquid Cylinder Filling Systems. Our extensive knowledge and experience in weighing as well as cryogenics has resulted in versatile, flexible solutions to match your fill plants needs today and in the future.

Our complete line of cylinder filling and mixing systems has been designed to be modular and rugged while keeping safety and ergonomics a priority. Full traditional manual operation to fully automated using our SmartFill Technology and everything in between. We approach fill plant design in a modular expandable and adaptable way so your fill plant can grow with your business.

Our green-energy Dragon Co2 Water Bath Vaporizers have quickly become the industry choice for vaporizing CO2 for gas mixing into cylinders. In many cases, customers are able to reduce their on-demand amperage by 180 amps or more. The Dragon allows for fast fills with no gas throttling from vacuum to filled.

We know Cryogenic Pumps and we know Control Systems. Put these two together with years of experience, quality components and the result is our CryoSentry line of Cryogenic Pump Panels. Reversing Motor Starters, operational feedback from controls, maintenance alerts and minimizing human error are just some of the features to look for.

Many of our customers use Gerhart’s experienced and professional team to offer custom solutions for their customers. Ask the Gerhart Team to help design and offer a special manifold, gas delivery or control system.