Gerhart’s RailBoss Solution

Installing a Rice Lake RailBoss is an economical and effective way to weigh railcars as it can be installed in small areas utilizing existing rail hardware. But, that can also create issues with debris and also cross-traffic. Recently a customer challenged our Service Center in South Amboy, NJ who worked with our in-house design and fabrication team to come up with a solution. 


What was needed?

  1. Easy to ship
  2. Quick installation
  3. Easily removable for service or cleaning

After a couple minor design changes suggested by our field service, we are pleased to have satisfied the challenge.


This drop-in solution is robust enough to handle the most demanding of traffic while keeping debris from binding in the scale. Easy to install and remove for servicing or cleaning all while protecting the cables and connections that were so vulnerable in this application.

If this solution would benefit your Rice Lake Weighing Systems RailBoss, give us a call at 888-437-4278 or visit us on the web at

Final Result