Hands-On Training

In an evolving environment of education and career development, we find that “learning by doing” benefits all. When it comes to hands-on training, our technicians and engineers should have access to the best resources. That’s why we built a mini process plant to help them explore and learn new processes. With resources like this readily […]

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Gerhart Invests in STEAM

Gerhart Helps Promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) Education with Donation to Andretti FASTTRACK Xperience Tatamy, PA, June 14 2021 – Gerhart is investing into future engineers and scientists with a donation to Andretti FASTTRACK Xperience (AFX) for the second year. The Accelerated Learning Program allows students to learn STEAM concepts in a unique and innovative way

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Gerhart’s RailBoss Solution

Installing a Rice Lake RailBoss is an economical and effective way to weigh railcars as it can be installed in small areas utilizing existing rail hardware. But, that can also create issues with debris and also cross-traffic. Recently a customer challenged our Service Center in South Amboy, NJ who worked with our in-house design and

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Importance of ISO Accreditation

What is ISO Accredited? The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) assembles individual standards or rules regulating certain processes for many industries. ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is one of the most stringent standards in the world of calibration and testing. Each year, Gerhart is independently audited and evaluated by the third party accreditation body ANAB. ANAB accreditation assures Gerhart

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GERHART — INTRODUCING THE NEW BULK LIQUID FILLING PRODUCT LINE A consistent, accurate, and integrated bulk filling solution for the Food, Chemical and Petroleum Industrials. TATAMY, PA – [12/17/2020] For the past 90+ years, Gerhart has been supplying filling systems and services from basic to fully-integrated complex systems. The new Gerhart LFD Series Fillers include


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

With recent announcements streaming in from Local, State and Federal leaders it is important to assure you that Gerhart is taking all measures possible to continue to provide the needed services that allow your life-essential businesses to perform in this time of need. All of our facilities remain open and fully functional. We understand that

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Why Gerhart?

Early on, Gerhart identified that to be the best in the industry, we have to be the best to our employees. In order to do this, we found we had to better support our frontline service people.  A good service company stems from its employees and their dedication to represent the values of the company.

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Check in with Your Checkweigher

Have a broken or outdated checkweigher? Recently, a customer commissioned Gerhart to overhaul their in-motion checkweigher. The checkweigher was plagued with several issues. Some of the issues included inaccuracy, an outdated and unsupported controller, worn out belts, malfunctioning photo sensors, broken rejection actuators and an overall poor condition. Gerhart’s Junior Engineer integrated a new Gerhart

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One Solution. Gerhart.

Over the past 90 years, Gerhart has evolved by listening to our customers. We understand that accuracy, consistency and efficiency will optimize your business and operations. Our strength is our employees. Our employees provide you with 24-hour emergency services and calibration of your instrumentation. Our engineers design the equipment that move, formulate, batch and accurately

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