Heavy Capacity Services


Heavy equipment installations require precise planning and coordination to ensure a safe and efficient start-up. For over 90 years, our professional field service technicians have installed a countless number of turn-key installations of scales, tanks, silos and other large equipment. Whether you’re installing a new truck scale, relocating one to another site or installing tanks inside your building, Gerhart is your trusted resource to get the heavy work done.

We offer load testing to various industries covering from Baltimore to Boston. Plus, up to 100 tons available of certified weight.

Equipment failure always seems to occur at the most inconvenient time – for this reason we offer 24/7 emergency service from Baltimore to Boston. We prioritize our service with a focus on getting you back up and running as quickly as possible. For emergency response, please call 888-427-4278.

Being old and worn doesn’t always mean replace. Often, good weigh-bridges just need an overhaul and some love to give you many years of service.

Your scale is your cash register. Preventative maintenance can extend your scale’s life. Maintain accuracy longer and save your money with our programs available to fit any need. 

Accuracy affects your bottom line. Routine calibrations are crucial and we have programs to suit all your needs. We have state-certified technicians and weights to keep you compliant. Plus, fast service to make sure we don’t disrupt your business. 

Keeping your scale clean is essential to maintain accuracy and to extend its lifespan from wear and tear. Our experts will clean, wash and inspect your scale to keep it in top working order.

Replacing an existing scale requires the expertise of seasoned labor. Exacting dimensions and a tight schedule is our commitment when replacing your old scale.

Pits, Pillars, Ramps – all essential elements to problem-free weighing. Our teams can supply quick fixes to new foundations.

As a leader in designing and manufacturing kiosks for many years, allow our engineers to design kiosks, traffic controls, and un-manned weighing solutions that meet your high volume needs.

Axle-scales, truck scales, portable train scales for short-term or long-term projects — call a sales associate and explore our options.

If you’re looking for more, we also have information on all rentals here.