A consistent, accurate, and integrated bulk filling solution for the Food, Chemical and Petroleum Industrials.

TATAMY, PA – [12/17/2020] For the past 90+ years, Gerhart has been supplying filling systems and services from basic to fully-integrated complex systems. The new Gerhart LFD Series Fillers include the serviceable and robust build of our past semi-automated fillers, but incorporate scalable options depending on your needs. Available in four different models, the LFDs range from 2 gallon to 330 gallon fills with options including: Top and Sub-Surface Filling, Stainless Steel Construction, Capping Stations, Conveying, 316 SS Wetted Parts, Nitrogen Purge, Hazardous Area Fills, Fume Hoods, Formulation, Data Acquisition, Pump Controls and ERP Integration.

If you are buying your first liquid filling system, then you already know filling containers manually is unsafe, slow and often inaccurate. The Gerhart LFDs provide consistent, fast and accurate fillings in the toughest of environments. Our scalable options allow you to customize your fillers for a solution that fits your needs without purchasing options you will never use. The LFD series are easy to install and serviceable for a lifetime.

Designed by Gerhart’s service engineers with a long history of success, this new line of LFDs is flexible, reliable, incredibly accurate and easy to use.

“I am pleased to announce our new line of liquid fillers that have been designed by our field service engineers,” said Stuart Cattell, President and CEO of Gerhart. “With lessons learned in the field by servicing our fillers for the past 20 years and incorporating the latest focus in plant automation, I feel confident this product line will benefit anyone who uses liquid fillers.”

To learn more about Gerhart’s LFD Series product line, contact Joe Messina (Liquid Systems Product Manager) at 610-264-2800 x 117 or email [email protected].