Plant Scales

From simple readouts to batch controlling – data collecting instrumentation integrated into your plant process, Gerhart offers the newest technology from RICE LAKE WEIGHING SYSTEMS, FAIRBANKS, MINEBEA, RINSTRUM and others.

Bench scales are the workhorse in any manufacturing process. They range from simple ingredient weighing to stainless steel washdown checkweighers, Gerhart offers a full line of bench scales for any application by FAIRBANKS, RICE LAKE WEIGHING SYSTEMS, MINEBEA and others.

Industrial balances are used when highly precise weighing is needed in an industrial environment. If you have applications where pre-weighing, ingredient batching or deal with high cost raw materials, an industrial balance should be used. We offer A&D, MINEBEA, RICE LAKE WEIGHING SYSTEMS, OHAUS and others to meet every need.

Gerhart is able to provide a full offering when it comes to hazardous area weighing – whether you require FM approved, X or Y purged or even an explosion proof enclosures in any weighing application. From a bench scale, floor, tank, batch controllers and truck & rail scales, we have your hazardous area equipment needs covered.

Mild, stainless steel floor and drum scales in any size and capacity for your shipping and production needs. Options include custom finishes, pit frames,  ramps, bumper guards and portability kits all from major manufacturers like FAIRBANKS, RICE LAKE WEIGHING SYSTEMS, MINEBEA and more.

In this high-speed logistical climate, assets like Forklift Scales allow you to do more with less. We offer a variety of Forklift scales for all applications from manufactures like FAIRBANKS and RICE LAKE WEIGHING SYSTEMS. Let us not forget, we don’t only sell them, we install them and provide service support well after the sale.

Choosing a crane scale or any type of overhead weighing requires critical thinking when you consider performance and safety.  Let our application specialists assist you in properly specifying the correct equipment for your task.  With brands like FAIRBANKS, MSI and RICE LAKE WEIGHING SYSTEMS your options are unlimited.

Whether you need a spare loadcell for your truck scale, or you’re putting a tank on a scale, or even designing a piece of equipment that requires weighing, Gerhart has you covered. We offer every major manufacturer of loadcells and even design, in-house through our engineering group, custom loadcells for any application. Custom mounts and adapter plates available – manufactured in-house for quick delivery. 

With too many options to list, it’s hard to decide what you need to optimize your process. Call your local Gerhart service center and explore what peripherals would expand your weighing process. Options like: printers, remote displays, wireless communication, RFID readers, networking, barcode readers, cameras, etc.. the possibilities go on and on.