Sugar Batching Retrofit

This past month, Gerhart performed a simple automation project of designing, programming and installing a custom Batching System for a customer’s 5000 lb. sugar hopper.

The scope of the project consisted of designing retrofit weighing assemblies for K-Tron SFT transducers using standard off the shelf loadcells. Gerhart’s in-house fabrication shop fit the bill with wash-down assemblies that required no modifications to the existing hopper of structure!

The Loss-in-Weight Batch Controller was a Programmable 920i indicator with a batching program written in-house by Gerhart’s engineers.

Gerhart’s 920i Batch Controller allows a pre-determined amount of sugar to be dispensed by providing two speed control of a rotary valve located at the bottom of the Sugar Hopper.

With ease, the customer can enter their target weight of sugar to be released into the Batch Controller allowing the customer to batch sugar accurately with the press of a button in order to ensure accuracy of their recipe and increase production efficiency exponentially.

If you are looking for an installation of a custom hopper, please call Gerhart today (888-437-4278).