Laboratory Services


For 50+ years, we have offered repairs and calibration of any balance from ultra-micro and microbalances to high capacity toploaders.

Try our in-house mass lab for quick turn around certification of your weights. 5kg to 1mg Class 1 to 50lb Class 4.

In-Glass Thermometers, Temperature Probes and other various temperature devices – all NIST traceable from -20⁰ to 350⁰ C

Gauges, sensor testing, and calibrating NIST traceable up to 15,000 psig. Oxygen cleaning services always available.

We offer all kinds of environmental testing:  Air Velocity testing for HVAC and Fume Hoods, to Temperature/Humidity profiling and studies of warehouses, rooms and chambers. Custom services for custom needs.

Fully NIST traceable in-house compression/tension tested with capacities to 30 tons. Perfect for calibrating Crane Scales, Dynamometers, Loadcells and more.

Offering the testing and calibration of various Viscosity Measuring Devices: Orifice Viscometers, Capillary Viscometers, Falling Piston Viscometers, Rotational Viscometers, Falling Ball Viscometers, Vibrational Viscometers.

Hand-tool testing and certification of Micrometers, Calipers, Torque Wrenches as well as the certification of standards such as Pin Gauges and Gauge Blocks.