PLC/HMI Services


Whether it be whole control programs or custom AOI’s and Function Blocks, Gerhart can provide a solution to your PLC programming needs. As a System Integrator in the Allen-Bradley Partnership Program, we have become experts on their control platforms. Our expertise also extend to many other major PLC brands including AD/Koyo, Siemens and Mitsubishi.

Our HMI industry standard design provides ease of training and prevents user error. This allows for faster cross training and eliminates down-time.

Is your PLC/HMI hardware no longer under manufacturer warranty? No problem – Gerhart will repair it for you. Using replacement parts, we can make field repairs on your obsolete hardware to get your system back up and running faster. Plus if repair is not possible, we can offer an upgrade solution that will reduce your down-time.

Gerhart offers many standard or custom motor and pump control solutions. These solutions include custom or standardized motor control cabinets, Variable Frequency Drives of any architecture and Motor Control Centers.

Our drive experts have designed many unique VFD solutions. One of our specialties include Regenerative Voltage applications. We can offer a custom solution to your motor with high inertia load that is causing Regenerative Voltage to be produced. Some of these solutions can return the Regen Voltage back to your power grid which can create a cost savings on utilities.

Many legacy PLC systems are still in use today but these systems are operating on borrowed time. Eventually, components will fail and as time goes on, replacement parts will become much harder to obtain. Gerhart has become a leader in PLC and HMI legacy upgrades. We can offer you a safe and efficient path from your legacy hardware to the leading edge of technology.