Truck & Rail Scales

From steel to concrete deck, above ground truck scales remain the most common choice of vehicle weighing today. Whether it’s replacing an existing scale or installing a new scale with foundation, our heavy capacity application specialists can assist you with choosing the right scale for the application. We only represent the very best of manufacturers like FAIRBANKS, RICE LAKE WEIGHING SYSTEMS and THURMAN SCALE.

Pit scale (or at-grade) weighing has been around for as long as weighing vehicles have been needed. A method of installation that reduces the footprint of the scale when real estate is a consideration. Gerhart has over 90 years of experience in providing and installing these scales. Mechanical or electronic, let our application specialists engineer the right scale and options to provide you with decades of trouble free weighing.


When individual axle weights are needed, or a full-sized truck scale can’t be utilized, axle scales can provide a quick and inexpensive solution. Gerhart offers multiple solutions for axle and wheel weighing in both static and dynamic applications.  


Did you know most states allow portable truck scales to be Legal-for-Trade up to 6 months before they need to be moved or approaches installed? For companies that perform projects on other peoples’ property, having a portable truck scale makes perfect sense. Steel decked scales, any size, easily broken down and moved can be a huge asset to your operation. Call one of our application specialists to learn more.


Our long history really pays off when selling and installing rail scales.  Considerations include: rail space, soil bearing, overhead obstacles, rail car sizes, combo rail/truck, etc.. Gerhart will work with your rail engineering company, local railroad, State W&M and you to ensure you get the right scale for your application. To discuss further, please contact our heavy capacity application specialist.


When optimizing rail car weights is need in a Non-NTEP application, weigh-rails are a great solution. The Rice Lake RailBoss is cost effective and can often be installed in 2 days or less into your existing track. It is used in static applications and can be purchased in single and full draft configurations.

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As a manufacturer of kiosks, we can provide stand-alone or fully-networked custom kiosk solutions for your weighing needs. Simple stand alone or custom HMI/Printer solutions to tie into your existing ticketing software. We design our systems to keep your traffic as efficient as your data.

Your resource for IP cameras, traffic gates, loop detectors, photo eyes, traffic lights, kiosks, intercoms, printers, remote displays, radiation detectors, guard rails, stairs, hand rails, concrete work. You need it, chances are we have it.

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