Check in with Your Checkweigher

Have a broken or outdated checkweigher?

Recently, a customer commissioned Gerhart to overhaul their in-motion checkweigher.

The checkweigher was plagued with several issues.

Some of the issues included inaccuracy, an outdated and unsupported controller, worn out belts, malfunctioning photo sensors, broken rejection actuators and an overall poor condition.

Gerhart’s Junior Engineer integrated a new Gerhart 920 – IMCW Controller.

Creatively, he wrote new code modernizing the old hardware into a modern dynamic checkweigher.

Now with faster readings, expanded I/O and communication capabilities, it should provide years of high performance. Plus, it is at a fraction of the cost of a new in-motion checkweigher.

With a highly skilled and passionate team, Gerhart can fix any problem you may have with your machinery.