Project Highlight: Gerhart at Canadian Ski Resorts

This past month, Gerhart had an international project at a couple of Canadian ski resorts. Our team brought our expertise of RFID and integrated it into ski resorts in order to help with gate systems for ski lifts.

One of the Canadian ski resorts needed system maintenance and repairs so they could gather accurate counts of skiers on the mountain. A few days on site repairing the existing gate systems, Gerhart’s skilled experience in repairs helped the resort quickly get back to business during the busy ski season.

Another one of the Canadian ski resorts needed entirely new gate systems installed in order to count skiers on the mountain. In addition, these new gate systems would create an efficient way for the resort to check ski tickets without having to manually count on-by-one. With Gerhart’s many years of experience in installations, this project was completed in a matter of days and had the ski resort up to optimal efficiency.

Gerhart’s ability to work in all types of industries allowed these international ski resorts to integrate RFID with their ski systems in a timely manner. It was a unique project that our team had fun with. Gerhart’s Field Service Technician, Patrick McAvoy, took lead on the projects and found several aspects enjoyable. While working around some obstacles of the projects, McAvoy says, “I enjoyed working with the Canadian contractors and got to learn new ideas, techniques, and skills from them.” McAvoy also liked the opportunity to travel internationally representing Gerhart and the opportunity to drive a snow cat on the mountains.

With decades of skilled experience, Gerhart has the ability to be placed in all types of industries and find a solution. We integrate field services with automation and calibration to provide our customers with ideal top-of-production results while also having fun with it.