Co2 Dragon Vaporizer 40% More Efficient Than Electric Vaporizers

Designed to cost up to 10 times less to operate than conventional electric vaporizers or electric bath vaporizers, Gerhart’s CO2 Dragon gas-fired CO2 vaporizers save substantial time and money over electricity. The CO2 Dragon is 40% more efficient than electric vaporizers and offers a 45-minute recovery time.

  • Gerhart CO2 DragonNatural gas or propane sealed combustion furnace
  • Fill 48 25% CO2 cylinders at 25 lbs./min. at a constant 70F gas outlet
  • Fill from vacuum to full pumping without throttling or bypassing
  • Two parallel welded stainless steel coils for minimal pressure drop
  • 150-gallon stainless steel insulated tank
  • Low-water-level alarm
  • Rated at 1500 PSIG
  • Optional low-temperature bypass circuit
  • Requires less than 10 amps of electricity

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